From Instagrammer to Bookstagrammer

Fact: I was never a crazy booknerd before discovering bookstagram community.

Yup, you see that all right. Before I find out about bookstagram, I was basically a normal reader. Normal as in I do read but not as frequent, mostly I read the Mr.Midnight series which was quite a hit once, Singaporeans and Malaysians probably know this series better. I rarely bought books, mostly I borrowed books from friends and I don’t really care to jot down what I read and did reviews and really looked into the plot, characters, so basically I didn’t do the analyzing part after reading. I mean I didn’t even bother to really understand what is the hidden message that the authors tried to deliver. Well, I read and I understood what the book is roughly about and that was it.

Around February or March 2015, I kind of found some instagram accounts that post mostly photos of books. I was like, “Hmm… This is interesting.” and I followed some of the accounts of course and started to post some bookish photos on my personal instagram account. Then, I always got updates on new books, bookhauls, reviews and I started to love reading more afterwards. Then, there was this one bookstagrammer, namely @msaddicty whom always tagged me to do booktags but I was clueless at that time and to be honest, I don’t want to spam my friends or my followers with too many posts in one day. Because I love to draw and I have other pictures to post too at the same time and to add more bookish posts, for me would be too messy for my instagram account. Therefore, I started to contemplating whether should I start a bookstagram and I think I somehow commented on one of the the lovely @msaddicty or Yat’s photos and she said I should definitely create one!

Then, it was in the end of May and I was having my finals, with all the stress, I insanely created a bookstagram account! Yeay! I was probably like, “I have some bookish photos in my tab, so why not create a new account now? Screw study!” (and also because of @msaddicty’s encouragement 🙂 ) Immediately after creating that account, I already received a warm welcoming words from the fellow bookstagrammers. To be frank, bookstagramming can be kind of addictive sometimes, especially when you just starting it off. You always want to post photos and find other amazing accounts to follow and stuff. So, basically I didn’t really quite studying at that time. Hah. (I passed, no worries 😉 )

Bookstagramming helps me to

  • read more
  • finish my TBR (To Be Read) books
  • jot down what books I have read (Goodreads helps too!)
  • know more amazing bookworms/bookdragons/booklions/basically booknerds!
  • get the latest info on new books
  • know what books suit me the best
  • a whole lot more good stuff!

There you go, folks! That is basically how I turn from an ordinary instagrammer to an extraordinary bookstagrammer :P. Bookstagramming really helps a lot. Other bookstagrammers always motivate me to read more and I get to talk about books, fangirling on the characters in books and I can even talk about certain issues with these awesome people too! So, if you are into books and feel like you have no one to talk about it, come join us! Just search #bookstagram on instagram and you will find us!


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