Looking for Alaska Book Review


Looking for Alaska
Author : John Green
Published by : Speak
Released: December 28th, 2006
Genres : Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary
Pages : 221
Format : Paperback
Characters : Miles Halter (Pudge), Alaska Young, Chip Martin(the Colonel), Takumi Hikohito, Lara Buterskaya
Setting : Alabama, United States

“How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!” – Simon Bolivar

I believed this book is definitely a short read but it took me a few days to finish it and I finished this right before 2015 ends. I get distracted easily…. To be honest, I could finish this one in a few hours instead. *sigh*

Plot : I honestly love the way it is written. The beginning of the book makes me love this book in less than a minute. It starts off well, introducing the main character Miles(Pudge) transferring into a new school, finding a Great Perhaps. He then finds a few friends, experiencing things for the first time ever: smoking, drinking, get prank by the Weekday Warriors, do one himself afterwards, making out, etc. Until one day, Alaska (the girl he likes) is gone for good. After her death, Pudge and his friends are sorry for letting her go and they try to figure out the reason behind her death and I really enjoy that part. Towards the end, I don’t think they actually find the actual reason she dies but they do something to honor her and find peace with themselves and accept that they will never know why she died, Pudge too especially accept that fact and forgive her, like she would forgive him for letting her go.

” Oh, yeah, there are some scenes that are pretty interesting too ! Be prepared! “

Characters : The characters are well developed. Pudge changes drastically, from a person with no friends to a person with a few of loyal friends and he also experiences new things for the time in his life. Chip (Colonel) is an understanding, genius and very careful with plans kind of person, but sometimes he freaks out too. *I kind of like him ?* Alaska Young reminds me of Margo from Paper Towns and I literally thought that this book is going to be like paper Towns after reaching the pranking part of this story, but it’s not and I am very happy with it. Takumi and Lara are two characters that carry their own significance in the story. Love Takumi for his rapping skills! and Lara for her accent!

” I go to seek a Great Perhaps. ” – Francois Rabelais

My thought on the book? : I love every single moment I read this book, I love the final words of the deaths, I love the storyline, I enjoyed the humor and the characters. Almost everything is perfect, nearly. It has so many parts that are all equally important and contribute to the story, every part is linked and makes so much sense towards the end of the book. Never a moment I read this book with the feeling of boredom, instead I am captivated by the mysteries and how Pudge, the Colonel and Takumi trying to solve the mystery behind Alaska’s death. The conflict the friends face during the hard time, the drama that is going on between Pudge and his friends. I also love how Pudge describes Alaska as the person who changes him and I can entirely understand the process of the changes he went through.

The only thing that I dislike is how selfish Pudge is after Alaska’s death because all he is thinking is about the promise Alaska made to him and that she would never left him hanging without granting the promise. Practically, he is being self-centered. But he recovers afterwards as they go through the days.

Overall, it is a great book with meaningful life lessons and I definitely would recommend this book to my friends, and to you, especially teenagers. 🙂

Rating : 4.5/ 5 stars



4 thoughts on “Looking for Alaska Book Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed the book,. I was having my own moments throughout the reading process. Although it is quite depressing, I’ve learn just how to appreciate life. Do you have any other John green’s fav titles?


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