Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday Book Review


Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday

Author: Christine Reilly
Published by: Touchstone
Released: April 5th, 2016
Genre: Fiction, Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 318
Format: ebook
Characters: Mathilde, Claudio, Natasha, Jane, Lucy, Carly,…

Synopsis :
Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday is basically about two people, Mathilde and Claudio whom met and ended up with one another as a married couple. They were blessed with 2 daughters, Natasha (the smart and sensible one) and Lucy whom had a Heart complication. They also adopted a girl from China, Carly. This book revolves around this family, it covers the problems and events the family went through, it also talks about mental issues, love and loss of a family member.

“Because what else are sisters for?”
“A lot of things,” said Lucy. “Last wishes are just one of the things.”
– Christine Reilly, Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday

My thought on the book? :
I received this copy of ebook in return for an honest review. So I am going to be honest about how I feel about this book. When started reading this book, I struggled a lot, there were some parts that did not make sense to me and things got drifted a bit at some point. For example, when the author was telling about an event and then suddenly there was some kind of flashback happened and I felt like there was no connection between the event and the flashback, it kind of made me wanting to skip the whole part of the flashback.Β Also, there a few parts in this book that I did not really understand. (maybe this is my own problem, idk)

“There are two kinds of sad,” said Carly. “There’s regular sad, then there’s the sad that comes with knowing that the person you love most is underneath your feet.”

Apart from that, I love the short chapters in this book. The flow of the story from Claudio’s and Mathilde’s lives till they fell in love and to the story of their daughters is brilliantly written. There are also so many amazing quotes in Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday, I love them a lot! There were also a few parts that really touched my heart. For instance, the part where Jane, Claudio’s sister who had mental illness connected with her niece, Lucy and what she actually tried to do for Lucy was heart breaking. It was really beautiful.

“Sometimes things were okay. Sometimes things got better.”

Although I faced a hard time trying to understand this story, but I am still glad to read it and the ending was the best part for me. It didn’t have a crazy plot twist but it gave you an end, a good kind of ending. After reading this book, I realize that don’t ever stop reading a book without reaching the end of it, because there might be something great hidden at the end waiting for you to discover.Β Overall, I don’t hate or dislike this book, but I wish I could understand it a little bit better.

Rating : 3/5 stars


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