Why I Like to Write?


Writing or typing. A way of people expressing how they feel or pouring out ideas on papers or on screen.

I kind of keep a journal too. πŸ™‚

I personally love to write. I used to try having a diary but I was bad at keeping up with it. This was what I bad at, which is keeping up with a hobby. So I stopped writing any diary entries. I wished I still keep all those diaries with tons of failed attempts. Nevertheless, it was good days, writing every single details of my day into a diary but there were just some days where I was just too lazy to jot down anything, thus I skipped and skipped another day. I gave up eventually.

Disclaimer: this photo is taken from Google
Disclaimer: this photo is taken from Google

Then, I wrote randomly. Lyrics, short stories, thoughts, poems, anything, at anywhere, as in on my laptop, or pieces of papers which at the end of the day, would be disappearing. I wished I still have those with me too.

Afterwards, I kind of had this habit of writing events that happened in my life or my feelings on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar.

Disclaimer: This photo does not belong to me.
Disclaimer: This photo does not belong to me.

I just recently opened them up and read them. They are not much in the jar but they were something. They help me to remember my feelings on particular things or days or even gave me a good laugh at my own self in the past years. So, I am starting to continue that habit again. Writing down little things or my feelings. It helps me to reflect a lot , really on how I changed and how I have grown up in the past years. Can’t wait for another few years honestly. *chuckles*

Click on this image to get to my story. :)
Click on this image to get to my story. πŸ™‚

Also, in the past years, I found out about wattpad. What a great platform to write or even to read. You can find so many good stories on it and you can even write a story yourself and let others to read and comment on your writing. I have written a few things on it but they were just for fun and some are halfway done.

I find great pleasure in writing out my imaginations, putting them into words and let people to read them.

Even if no one is reading them, I’m okay with it because the point is to see what’s going on in my head being typed out and I can read them out and know that these thoughts are real.

Last but not least, this blog. I know that I mostly write reviews on books that I read but it is also a form of expressing my opinions (obviously). It is a privilege to read and throw out your opinion on books at the same time. But I am the kind of reader whom hardly write negative comments, I usually give 3 stars and above out of 5 stars. I don’t even bother to write about books that I couldn’t understand or did not finish. I mean my opinion on these booksΒ literally is not valid and it is not fair for the authors to receive such criticism from a person whom do not understand their books. I may be giving out 2 stars one day, but only if I understand the books and really dislike it.

So what I like about writing? It helps me to :

  1. Reminisce about the past
  2. Have a good laugh
  3. Share my thoughts
  4. Share my story
  5. Calm my mind

That’s about it. I hope that you would share with me some of your writing habit or your opinions on how writing helps you. If you have a wattpad account, please comment below your username, I would like to discover some new stories. πŸ™‚


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