New World: Ashes (New World #2) Book Review


New World Rising (New World #2) 

Author: Jennifer Wilson
Published by: Oftomes Publishing
Released: June 7th, 2016
Genre: Dystopian, Fiction
Pages: 277
Format: Kindle Edition
Characters: Phoenix , Triven, Mouse, Ryker, Fandrin, Gage, …

Synopsis :

After Phoenix, a 17-year-old orphan rogue, sacrifices herself for her loved ones, her world again takes an unexpected turn. She may have forgotten her past, but it hasn’t forgotten her. A war is coming and her role in it will be pivotal. (Source: Goodreads)

“The worst part about silence is that there’s nothing to distract your mind.”
– Jennifer Wilson, New World: Ashes

My thought on the book? :

Reading the second book of this spectacular dystopian series was an enjoyable experience for me. I was so happy on how close this second book related to the first one. The connection between these two books was perfect and it gave the readers a fair justification to whatever is happening in the series. I really hope that New World: Inferno (book 3) will follow the first two books closely too because it is one of my favourite element regarding this series. The flow was really amazing and it was fun to go through this series.

“Hope gave you strength when all else was lost. Hope gave you a glimpse of a future even when there might not be one to be had.”
– Jennifer Wilson, New World: Ashes

This second book basically was about how Phoenix changed from a tough and badass fighter and survivor to someone that was so fragile and broken. And after that, she rose and became a fighter again, but this time, she was not alone anymore. It wasn’t solely about her own but also the people she cared. ‘Ashes’ revealed Phoenix’s past and as well as her possible future in the series, which was something that I really liked about this book. The telling of the past and the possible future was engaging and relevant.

“The mind is a dangerous place. When left alone too long with our own inner demons, we can easily fall prey to their deception.”
– Jennifer Wilson, New World: Ashes

As I read along, I stumbled the phrase ‘face of their rebellion‘. At this point, again my mind automatically related this book to Hunger Games. I didn’t want to compare this two series, but that phrase really triggered me to do so. Like the first book, again I compared Ashes with THG. But as usual, what happened after that phrase totally didn’t sound anything from THG. The journey towards gaining the people’s freedom was totally different and it was surprisingly captivating as well. I loved how opinionated Phoenix was in this series and her character definitely is one of my top favourite female character of the year.

There were also some new characters introduced in this second book, such as Ryker, Fandrid and also a few people from Phoenix’s past life, along with new allies and friends. Ryker’s importance in the book wasn’t shown much until towards the ending. I assumed he is going to be pretty important in the third book. (just a prediction of my own, it can be wrong!) Fandrid, on the other hand, was a very significant character in ‘Ashes’. He was the one that tied everything in this book and as much as I hated him, I liked how the author had created him. One of the best antagonist created with a great background and motive.

“Life is always complicated. It doesn’t matter which side of The Wall you’re standing on.”
– Jennifer Wilson, New World: Ashes

The concept of the book was authentic and different. The first book talked about going inside The Sanctuary but the second book was totally the opposite and what they needed to do was even more impossible. The mission was getting bigger and came with greater responsibility this time. I am really keen to know how ‘Inferno’ (book 3) ties up these two world (outside and inside The Wall) together and how the rebellion is going to be be like. The ending of this book for me was as good as ‘Rising’ (book 1), it was surely going to make the readers stick with this series and keep reading it until the last book.

Also, many thanks to the author, Jennifer Wilson for sending me the e-book copies of Rising and Ashes. I definitely enjoyed and adored them a lot.

With that, I surely would recommend this series to my fellow readers. It is going to be a great dystopian read for you guys! 😉

Rating: 5 / 5 stars!


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