Let’s be Honest about ‘Insecurities’

I’ve constantly told myself that I need to get away from these insecurities of mine. Because it keeps me from being comfortable and confident about myself. Sometimes, I make myself believe that I have walked away from all the insecurities I have but to be honest, I haven’t and I doubt I ever will. Maybe if I’m fortunate enough, one day I’d overcome these insecurities. But for now, I know they are pretty much sticking on me like super glue.

Reading this, now you’re thinking ‘she is going to give inspirational quotes’, well yes, I am, and here are some of the common ones:

  • Be brave and embrace your insecurities.

Embracing insecurities is not something everyone can simply do, thus I don’t think this could be applied to everyone, isn’t it?

  • You are beautiful no matter what.

Now, beautiful is very subjective and tbh with you, if you don’t feel yourself is pretty or good looking, no one else is going to think you are. Everything needs to start from yourself, people!

  • Those insecurities don’t matter compare to your beautiful personality.

This is a nice one. Think about the positive and get rid of the negative thought. But not all can suppress the thought of their insecurities. And again no matter what, those insecurities will always bother you if you don’t really focus on your good personality.

  • Just be confident and comfortable in your own skin.

To do this, you need to not care about your insecurities, which means you need to get rid of them completely.


Well, screw us all that none of us is perfect because the imperfectness makes us all human beings. And it’s not a bad thing at all. It makes us a living person.

So, I guess I have totally ruined the quotes above, haven’t I? But I am going to tell you this.

It’s okay, (no you are still not perfect.) I mean it’s okay to be insecure. It’s okay to feel bad about your body (too fat, skinny, etc), your talent (you keep doubting yourself because everybody else seems to be better than you), your work (always not perfect) or whatever else is making you feel so little about yourself. It’s fine you can’t do anything about it and keep feeling helpless. You can almost hate yourself for your insecurities (okay, this is not okay at all. Please, love yourself no matter what). You need to know that these insecurities is what making you a complete human. Because you:

know how it is to feel bad about yourself, you know how to be humble and you know that there are people who are better than you.

Wait, how are these good in any way? It’s not, it’s not good at all. All of the points above will remain negative until you see them from a different perspective and turn them into positive points.

  • You know how it is like to feel bad about yourself that you don’t want others to go through what you’ve been through. You always try your best to make others feel good about themselves, which makes you a kind person.
  • You know how to be humble that even though you are good in what you are doing, you are still looking up at others’ work and think they are better. You are never too proud, you know how to appreciate people.
  • You know there are people who are better than you (most important). Thus, you will try harder, practice more to be as good as the people you look up to. They are going to be your target and you want to be as good as them or even surpass them. But at certain point, after you think you are equally as good as these people, you will realize that everyone is different, everyone’s definition of great or better is different too. You will realize that you are just as great as yourself can be and you don’t even need to compare with anyone else anymore because you know only you, yourself can beat your definition of ‘the best’.

You have insecurities? Let’s be honest about them and face them. Stop avoiding, stop hiding, stop running. But don’t let them consume you at the same time, instead let those insecurities make you a better person.

Cheers, J


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