KL NOIR : YELLOW Book Review


KL NOIR : YELLOWlrm_export_20161222_172233

Editor: Kris Williamson
Authors: Choong JayVee, Ai-May Chin, Catalina Rembuyan, Leroy Luar, Abd Qayyum Jumadi, Wong Pek Mei, Paul GnanaSelvam, and more
Published by: Buku Fixi (Fixi Novo)
Released: October 29th, 2014
Genre: Short stories, Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 279
Format: Paperback

“Expect the unexpected from this book.”

Synopsis / Introduction :

KL NOIR: YELLOW is the fourth and final volume of the KL Noir series. It consists of 16 short stories by 16 authors. There are pedophiles and perverts, delinquents and the delusional. Every man, woman and child is a potential murderer.  You think the cover is all cute and scrumptious? The fries? Wait till you read the stories that are twisted and dark, revolving around the Malaysians’ every day life.

My Review :

Although it is the fourth book from the KL NOIR series, this is the second book I read in the series. They say, “save the best for the last.” This is probably true. KL NOIR : YELLOW was definitely much better and stronger than KL NOIR : RED. The language used had a great flow and the words felt smooth at the tip of my tongue. Compared to KL NOIR RED, KL NOIR YELLOW had so much more maturity on the language and the words used was not stiff at all.

The stories also appeared to be better than the ones in KL NOIR RED. The authors and the editor of this book had done a great job in making the stories more focused and still caught the readers off guard with the plot twists and mind blowing endings. The stories were twisted and dark, yet they were much easier to be understood and the message was clear. The story line was not so complicated and yet it had successfully captured my attention. I was enjoying almost every single story in the book. Even for the stories that I thought were boring at first blew my mind with such a great ending until I was left shocked by the end of the story. For example, stories like “French Fries for Aunty Kamalam” might appeared to have a trivial issue discussed by the writer, but the ending was one that you could never imagine.

Also, the story of “Happy Family”. I mean just judge based on the title, it seems pretty petty and might be boring. But it actually discussed on broken family and how single parents ended up together and the child struggled to adapt with the ‘new dad and new brother’ issue and you think this is dull, wait till you read the rest of this story. Yes, I must say the authors and editors did a great job on the development of the plot since they are short stories. But, the tales did not feel like rushed through. It was nicely developed and they were wrapped up with a high note.

If you’ve read my review on KL NOIR RED, I said I might not pick up that book or maybe I will just reread a few of my favourite stories. But for KL NOIR YELLOW, hell yeah, I’m going to be rereading this book in future, no doubt.

Rating : 4 / 5 stars


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