Kalifus Rising (Legends of Orkney #2) Book Review


Author: Alane Adams
Published by: SparkPress
Released: September 6th, 2016
Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Characters: Sam, Howie, Keely, Leo, Catriona, ….


Synopsis (Goodreads):

Sam Baron just freed Orkney from the ravages of the Red Sun—but now, imprisoned by Catriona, leader of the Volgrim Witches, Sam finds the darker side of his half-god, half-witch heritage released, and he fears he might destroy what he saved. Unable to resist the witches’ enchantments, Sam has become their most potent weapon, and is leading an army of monstrous men against Skara Brae.

Sam’s only hope for salvation lies with his three best friends and a mystical artifact known as the Moon Pearl. Keely travels north in search of the pearl, while Howie prepares for the gathering onslaught. Leo seeks a powerful artifact in the underworld, and faces an ancient evil that could be an even greater threat than Catriona and her cronies.

As Sam’s friends rush to save him, other forces are at work in Orkney’s shadows—forces that could help free Sam, or condemn him to the darkness forever.

My Review :

First of all, I wanted to thank the author for sending this amazing copy of her book in return for an honest review. The cover is so, so beautiful!

There were a lot of things that I loved about this second book of Legends of Orkney series. Firstly, the concept of the book, like the first one, it revolved around magic, witches, spells, friendship, realms and so much more! I also loved the fact that this book was fast paced and very much eventful. The descriptions of each event and situation were spot on! It helped me to have the perfect image of each scene in the book.

The story line was also well developed, the flow was clearly seen and it made sense to me. The fact that everything was well justified and each incident happened was given an explanation made the story easy to read and understandable.

However, I did feel that there were a little too many characters for me. The witches alone were so many of them! Nevertheless, I really appreciated how the author had made the protagonist(Sam) and his friends(Howie and Keely) evolved into such amazing and strong characters. I adored this book for not making everything always revolved around the main character, but also his fellow friends.

This second book’s ending was almost perfect and kept me so excited for the third book that is coming out in September! The appearance of a new character was so exciting and I am sure that the third book is going to be way better than the first two!

Rating : 4.5 / 5 stars


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