Gregory and the Grimbockle by Melanie Schubert (Book Review)


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Gregory and the Grimbockle

Author: Melanie Schubert
Publisher: New Wrinkle Publishing
Released: November 9th, 2017
Genre: Childrens
Pages: 183
Format: e-book (pdf)
Characters: Gregory, Grimbockle, …





Synopsis (Goodreads):

Ten-year-old Gregory is about to find out that the enormous mole stuck straight beneath his nose is not just a mole, but is actually a humpy crumpy portal of skin that hides a creature called the Grimbockle.

What’s more? The Grimbockle is just one of the many strange little creatures called Bockles tending to the mysterious threads that connect all humans from one to the other. It is a very important job and one that has long been carried out with incredible secrecy, that is, before tonight.

My Review :

First of all, many thanks to the author, Melanie Schubert for sending me a copy of her book in return for an honest review. If you know me or always following my reading updates, I rarely read children books, hardly actually. But this book got my attention. So, why not give it a chance? 🙂

Starting this book, with the first chapter, it was kinda disturbing for me. Because people are being so mean to the main character and I really hate people for not understanding him. Then, as the plot progress, only then I realised why did the author started off this book that way. The plot developed so well and it revealed so much positivity and kindness. The moral value that is inserted in this book is so valuable and very apt for kids. It shows that kindness goes a long way and how it is able to change people. Even people are mean to us, treat them with kindness and good things will happen.

Besides that, I also like the non-human characters in the book and the world created. It is very creative and interesting. The explanation and description makes me want to know more about them. However, the explanation at times, bored me a little.

The illustrations and the soundtracks is amazing! Oh yes, this book comes with a series of soundtracks. 🙂 So yeap, it’s totally worth it.

Last but not least, I encourage all the parents out there to get this book for your kids, it’s amazing and really suitable for youngsters. 🙂

Rating: 3 / 5 star


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