Things I’m Thankful For in 2017

Honestly, 2017 was not a productive nor eventful year. It was pretty dull and uninteresting. First half of the year was literally monotonous and I didn’t achieve a single thing. I even got a bad GPA. Sucks. Kinda. But not worst. Second half of the year was where my learning process started. I ventured and tried so many things for the first time. Thus, I’m thankful, be it a bad experience or good ones because each one means something to me. These events I went through shaped me into a better person this year and for years coming.

So, let’s get into the things I’m thankful for in 2017 :

  1. Friendship

    I could not express how much I appreciate and thankful for my friends, especially the close ones. They helped me to go through my highs and lows. Listening to my bullshits every single time, even though sometimes they were just the same shit all over again, yet they listened to me and being very patient. To be honest, they might be facing way worse than me but they did not complain. They were trying to be the best of friends they could be for me. They knew if I was crying, they gave me brilliant advises, they gave me comfort. And I know they will keep doing that for me in coming years, because they are just so good at being great friends.

  2. Get out there…
    I tried to go out of my shell this year. Trying things for the first time. I went for a random trip without any proper plans and it was okay, I guess. I am thankful for this trip, actually. I had fun roaming around and taking photos under the hot sun with my friend. It was a nice trip with bitter sweet memories. Will try better next time haha.

    Also, I made some new friends that I met online, which assures me that online friends are very much real and it was not scary at all to meet someone you just knew or barely talk to. Sometimes, these kind of people would surprise you more than you might know. Thus, cheers for the new friends made and I’m thankful for these beautiful souls.

  3. My Instinct Is Proven RIGHT!

    I’m thankful for an event happened to me this year. It showed me how good I am at understanding people and evaluating them. I should’ve known, I should’ve avoid this event from happening I tell myself sometimes. But I’m kinda thankful for it because it taught me I should trust myself more, I shouldn’t do things that I don’t feel right about, and I should never rush into things with the reasons like “Just Because…”, “What if there’s no next time?”, etc. I should never scare myself for reasons like that. Thus, I’m thankful for this lesson.

  4. Teaching experience and my studies

    I went for practical in teaching between July to September. God knows how tough and challenging it was for my friends and I. We didn’t get enough sleep and not enough money to spend even. Life was tough and kids were harder to handle. Some of us got sick during this period.Β  Nevertheless, the experience was invaluable. First time preparing lesson plans, teaching aids and teaching the kids. Everything was the first for us. Of course, we will never forget about it. And thank God, my result was good as well. Who’d have thought? I didn’t even expect it from myself. I’m very grateful for this.
  5. Bookstagram community
    Let me be honest, due to Instagram updates and changes, it really affected me a lot. My posts getting lesser likes and I have had too many unfollowers. But I guess that’s the reality of social media. I could never do anything about it and doesn’t matter how many times I told myself “It’s fine, it doesn’t matter,” it matters. Because bookstagram is what gets me to start reading. It’s very special indeed. What I’m thankful for are the people on bookstagram. Not much, but some were being so kind to me and supportive. I also made more Malaysian bookstagrammer friends this year, which is amazing, really.
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  6. Thank you for being thankful as well…
    • @dreaming_hiza :” I’m thankful that my mental health is getting way better this year and I’m also thankful for the good music, all the movies I watched, the great books I read, the people that I met, my best friends, my ability to stay sane and strong & for every little thing that counts, which makes this year more bearable.”
    • @dhuralumin: “I have a lot to be thankful for this year. It started out with a bang (like literally), I got straight A’s for SPM, I met a lot of amazing people from various background, I got into uni, I became a MUNer I became an advocate for human rights, education and women, I grew mentally, I started socializing, I started working, and I met him. Let me tell you why these past few weeks was and will always be one of my best memories in my life. I met him, a painter who is outspoken and opinionated. I fell in love not because of his words but because of his actions. He left recently and I’m still sad but I’m okay and I hope the universe conspires us to be in each other’s arms again in the future. I end this long ass comment with a quote from him, cinta adalah kelembutan dan kemurahan hati. To love is wonderful, but to be loved back is a blessing.”
    • @meownbooks :Β “I’m thankful for all the hard work and effort I did for the past 3 months surviving another hectic month of my last semester. The struggle is real. I didn’t know last semester would be full of mental breakdowns (I literally had mental breakdown at least twice a week, at least haha) and knowing who your real friend is, your coworker is. I’m thankful for all the projects and events to make me better emotionally and coping my stress. Conclusion: I know how to cope my stress and manage my emotions when it comes to work πŸ’— Thankful for another beautiful year β˜„”
    • @bulbulbooks :Β I’m thankful for being able to be back to the bookstagram community haha. I have gone through a restless and frantic year, struggling with my studies, giving up piano lessons, having to cope with mild depression, giving up reading and bookstagramming and what I’m really thankful for is I’m being able to successfully undergo all the obstacles till the end. Without my family and friends to support me endlessly, I’ll never go this far. Lesson I’ve learned this year is to be grateful no matter how the outcome is. Cherish every second of your life and come back stronger. Here’s to another amazing year!
    • @thenerdybiblio : “I’m thankful for all the efforts I paid for getting 9As/10 in SPM although it did disappoint me for not getting straight As which I used to .. but anyway getting 7A+ is not that bad and am thankful for. I got enrolled into a uni and survived 2 sem with CGPA 4.0 and and finally I get to wear braces after persuading my mum for 3 years! New year new chances and I hope I can maintain my results in the third sem! Be confident and brave is what I seek for next year! Peace “


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