I’m A Book Reviewer Now?

Well, I guess my blog is pretty self explanatory. I’m a book reviewer for about 3 years or so now but well, if you tell me “You’re going to be a book nerd,” 5 years ago, when I was still in high school, I might laugh my ass off. I barely read 5 years ago, I have no idea what I did for fun (lol) when I was in school, I was not even an outdoor person. 

So, I basically just studied and watched TV, I guess? (Boring much)

Last week, I got to meet the author of Suicide Club, Rachel Heng and she was the sweetest person ever. When she called me a book reviewer and as someone who posted bookish content on Instagram, I somehow felt proud?

It’s as if I am being recognised. People know what I’m doing and actually notice my work behind this blog and other social media platforms.

Like I have mentioned, 5 years ago, I hardly read or I was not a person who would write down my thoughts on the books that I read (if I happened to read any). Then, bookstagram happened, I reviewed books once in a while, nothing much about it, I just threw my opinions on the books I read. Fast forward 5 years later, book reviewing is now a huge chunk of my life. I take it pretty seriously. I read more and more.

It’s not just about reading, it’s also influencing others to read and some people actually start reading certain books because of my recommendation or because of my encouragement.

That means a lot to me! But again, some turned out great, while some people just didn’t enjoy the books as much because they didn’t have the same preferences as me. This is why I always emphasize that all of my reviews are based on my preferences and what I feel may not be the same as what others think.

Also, receiving review copies and get people to read my content make me feel really proud of myself. Because never in my entire life, I dream of getting copies of books to be reviewed and get to know so many lovely people on the book community and meeting authors in real life. This whole process of becoming a book reviewer is definitely something that I cherish the most. It has been a great ride and the best decision I’ve ever made.

I hope that bigger things are waiting for me in the future. I can’t wait to just be there and participate in every single book event and be part of the bigger circle of the bookish community. I’m really hoping to attend book fests or writer fests some day and I hope that I could achieve these bookish dreams of mine.

That’s all for this post, see you next time!

13 thoughts on “I’m A Book Reviewer Now?

  1. You are so lucky to met an author irl! I never met one and I don’t think I will meet one either because the place where I live just doesn’t attract that much famous/intellectual people to visit as much as in peninsular. And I feel you about that laughing at myself 5 years ago. I never thought I would be a book reviewer 😂

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      1. Ouh I see, but you could always come to semenanjung next time after you’ve worked and meet the authors or maybe there will be more events held there in future! 🙂 *fingers crossed*

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  2. I couldn’t wait to see the bigger things that could happen to you in the future. So happy that you share this blog post and I got to read it. I will just be here supporting you! Keep on slaying and creating contents! 😊

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