Captain Rosalie: A Story of a Girl, Letters and A Truth || A Book Review

Captain Rosalie

Author: Timothee De Fombelle

Publisher: Walker Books

Released: November 1st, 2018

Genre: Children

Pages: 64

Format: Hardcover

Characters: Rosalie, Edgar, …


While her father is at war, five-year-old Rosalie is a captain on her own secret mission. She wears the disguise of a little girl and tracks her progress in a secret notebook. Some evenings, Rosalie’s mother reads aloud Father’s letters from the front lines, so that Rosalie knows he is thinking of her and looking forward to the end of the war and to finally coming home. But one day a letter comes that her mother doesn’t read to her, and Rosalie knows her mission must soon come to an end.

Author Timothée de Fombelle reveals the true consequence of war through the experiences of small, determined Rosalie, while acclaimed artist Isabelle Arsenault illustrates Rosalie’s story in muted grays marked with soft spots of color — the orange flame of Rosalie’s hair, the pale pink of a scarf, the deep blue ink of her father’s letters. All the more captivating for the simplicity with which it is drawn and told, this quiet tale will stay with the reader long after its last page is turned.

Yet another heart wrenching read. I really liked reading this book from Rosalie’s perspective, a 5 and half year old girl who might look or sound gullible or naive but Rosalie is far from any of those traits. She’s smart, she’s resourceful and she has determination. What a role model to other girls out there.

The stunning and vivid illustrations helped to explain on a few things and I’m so glad for it. For example, how the classroom Rosalie was in were only occupied by boys and she was merely sitting there at the back and not being part of the actual class shows that at that time, only boys were allowed to learn.

Also, the truth behind the letters sent by her father was really emotional to be read and I’m in tears just by mentioning it now. For a kid to know such truth was really heart breaking and I think the ending was really perfect for Rosalie because her father deserved it and she deserved it.

Would I recommend this book? Hell yeah! Get this book for your kids and teach them that education is for all and how precious it is to be able to learn and to go to school. Of course, there are other values come along in this book as well that I think would be really good for the younger generation. 🙂

Thank you Pansing for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is now available in all good bookstores.


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