2018 Book Rewind

Disclaimer: I borrowed this is idea from Youtube but I heard that last year’s Youtube rewind wasn’t that great huh? So here I am bringing one of my own. Hopefully good enough for you. 😉

Hey there! I know we’re two weeks into 2019 and I was supposed to post this way earlier but well, procrastination got in the way, so here you go my 2018 Book Rewind or basically my year in books in 2018.

Where do I even begin? There were tons of great things happened to me in 2018. It was definitely a bookish year, whereby so many opportunities opened up for me and I couldn’t be more thankful about it. Last year was the year where I received review copies and ARCs more than any other year. Actually it was the only year that I received books consistently almost every month starting from May. Because all this while, I only received maybe a few books per year and that’s it. It was insane and it was so hard to believe, up till now. I would really like to thank Pansing and Times Reads for trusting me and willing to send me review copies last year. They are so kind and they actually made me read so much more.

Here is where my second greatest moment in 2018 comes in. I read a total of 53 books last year and mind you, I’m a slow reader and last year was a hectic year in uni. I had no idea how I managed to read so much. My average total would be from 25 to 35 books top but last year, I managed to read over 50 books. Couldn’t be happier about it. Reading so many books and reviewing every single one of them also made me grow better as a reviewer. I started to be more critical on my reviews (well maybe not so) but I was definitely getting better compared to previous years.

Next, let’s talk about how much my #bookstagram has grown. Last year was the year I recovered from the algorithm effect after being affected by it throughout 2017. I cared less about the number of likes and followers and tried to engage more instead. It worked, really. I posted what I liked, I don’t really ask questions like, “What am I doing wrong?”, “Why people are not liking my posts?”, “Why my followers numbers kept going down?” , and the list goes on. I was much happier and I got into algorithm groups and that helped me a lot with the engagement. Then, I made more friends and actually interacting with them via dms. It felt more genuine and sincere, so to speak. It was not pretentious. It was not about hoping them to follow me back but just to interact. Most of the accounts I followed don’t follow me back and it doesn’t bother me a bit. I guess people are free to make choices and it just simply means my feed is not what they are interested in, but hey, we can still interact and be friends, regardless. Plus, after being stuck with 3.7k followers for 2 years, last year I reached 4k followers and I was so happy, I even did a local giveaway to give back to the community and to thank them for their support.

My book blog has also grown significantly last year. I reached 400 followers earlier this year and in December, my monthly views actually surpassed 1k views, which was crazy. I am so grateful for each and every one person who dropped by my posts, reading them, leaving comments and actually liking my reviews. You can never imagine how thankful I am for every single one of you.

Last but not least, I got the privilege to meet some authors last year. It was so thrilling and exciting. I was weird but I was really happy to meet them. Also, not to forget, I got myself so many amazing friends in this book community. You guys are the best bunch of people and thank you for always being around, gushing about books, supporting one another and of course, always adding up books to my TBR pile. Thank you so much!

That’s it, I’ll see you in my next post!

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