Mangoes, Mischief and Tales of Friendship || A Book Review

Mangoes, Mischief and Tales of Friendship

Author: Chitra Soundar

Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)

Released: December 31st, 2018

Genre: Children

Pages: 192

Format: Hardcover

Characters: Prince Veera, Suku, King Bheema, …

Being a wise and just ruler is no easy task. That’s what Prince Veera discovers when he and his best friend, Suku, are given the opportunity to preside over the court of his father, King Bheema. Some of the subjects’ complaints are easily addressed, but others are much more challenging. How should they handle the case of the greedy merchant who wishes to charge people for enjoying the smells of his sweets? And can they prove that an innocent man cannot possibly spread bad luck? Will Prince Veera and Suku be able to settle the dispute between a man and his neighbor to whom he sells a well — but not the water in it? Or solve the mystery of the jewels that have turned into pickles?

Illustrated throughout by Uma Krishnaswamy, these eight original tales by Chitra Soundar task Veera and Suku with outwitting the kingdom’s greediest, wiliest subjects. Are the two clever boys up to the challenge?

Since last year, I have immediately become a fan of children and middle grade books. I think children books bring out the best in a person. This book is not exceptional. Combination of two Chitra Soundar’s books, containing 8 short tales in total, this book has taught me so many valuable lessons. It is light, funny and just packed with great puns and jokes. The short stories also somehow have connection to one another through the same characters across them. The flow is just nice, you could read them separately or together, no problem!

The cultural values is also interesting to learn. As I read this book, I came across many terms and practices in India, which I think is absolutely amazing. I think the author has written the stories really well, that it will not confuse international readers, instead this book will provide them insight to the culture and what’s happening in India.

Overall, kids around the world need to read this book already. Let every child learn from Prince Veera and Suku and they would bring you tremendous amount of joy!

Thank you Pansing for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review!

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