The Time Travel Diaries (ARC): Time Travel, Roman London and Adventures! || A Book Review

The Time Travel Diaries (ARC)

Author: Caroline Lawrence

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Released: April 4th, 2019

Genre: Fiction, Middle Grade

Pages: 237

Format: Paperback

Characters: Alex, Daisy Solomon, Dinu, Lollia, Plecta, …

Billionaire Solomon Daisy is obsessed with the skeleton of a blue-eyed girl from Roman London. He has managed to invent a Time Machine so that he can go and find her, but it’s estimated that for each hour spent in the past, the time traveller’s life will be shortened so Solomon recruits a potential child time traveller: Alex Papas, a twelve-year-old boy who knows a smattering of Greek and Latin.

Alex’s mission is to go back to Londinium through a portal in London’s Mithraeum and find out all he can about the blue-eyed girl.

There are just three rules:

1. Naked you go and naked you must return.
2. Drink, don’t eat.
3. As little interaction as possible.

But Time Travel is no picnic – and Roman London is far more dangerous than anyone could have known.

Source: Goodreads

Even though The Time Travel Diaries is a short book, it is full of information about Roman London, be it fictional or non-fictional (I guess?). So many great adventures and exciting events take place along the story. We also have a very smart yet naive boy, Alex as the main character and I really like him as a young role model for the kids.

I also like the message conveyed which is we need to appreciate what we have because there are people who are having worse than us. Because the book is about Alex travelling back to the past, to Roman London, he learnt that his simple life in a small house with his Gran actually worth so much more than the one in the past and for that, he’s grateful. This book also highlights the value of friendship and to actually understand people more than just judging by their actions and looks. I really adored Alex’s and Dinu’s friendship development in the story. I think it’s one of a kind, because oh boy, Alex totally misunderstood Dinu! (Read the book to know more! *winks*)

However, because I couldn’t relate much to the story and to the book, I’m giving this book a slightly lower rating. But if you’re a fan of time travelling, Roman London and adventures and learning about new, fun stuff, I think you would love this one. Oh, and this is definitely a fun read for kids!

Thank you Pansing @definitelybooks for sending this ARC to me in exchange for an honest review. 

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