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Hey guys! Welcome to yet another blog tour. This time around, I took a challenge and participated in a blog tour of a book genre that I never read before, which is a paranormal romance (it’s definitely on the adult category) and guess what, here we are! First of all, thank you to the publisher and the author for this amazing opportunity and for the e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Without further ado, let’s get into the book review. 🙂

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Second Endings I: Dead Sexy (ARC)

Author: Lulu M. Sylvian

Publisher: Gryffin Ink

Expected Publication Date: August 13th, 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pages: 192

Format: e-book

Characters: Gillian, Peter Keith, Holly, Mike, Trina, David, …


Medical illustrator Gillian Denver has a unique talent, and it’s not her ability to depict the systems of the body accurately and artistically. She can talk to spirits, only she doesn’t realize it.

Peter Keith, a one-time TV sitcom star whose career dissolved from A-lister hunk, to out of shape, straight-to-cable-movie D-lister has a problem. Peter regrets decisions he made in his life, and would like a do-over. He convinces Gillian to help him. One little problem, Peter is dead.

Thinking it’s her overactive imagination causing her reoccurring dreams about Peter to spill in today light hours, Gillian finds herself talking to him while she works. Together they begin to recreate Peter’s life by writing a book the way he wishes things had worked out. Gillian is not fully convinced that Peter is anything more than something she made up, a glorified imaginary friend, a new muse.

Gillian’s feelings for Peter complicate her relationships with the living. She is afraid the love she has for Peter will never be enough because she cannot give him what he really needs: a resolution to the life he wasn’t ready to leave.

I had an open mind going into this book, which is of a genre I never explored before. It’s intimidating because I might end up not liking it. This book started off quite not convincing. The story doesn’t have lots of explanations for many things and I am all about strong world building with explanations, especially for fantasy and paranormal stuff. However, the story did pick up pretty fast. The pacing was great and I immediately fell into the main character, Gillian’s fantasy world and her unique abilities of being able to see ‘things’.

The writing style, for me, was okay. It wasn’t the best writing I’ve read BUT it was easy to read and understand. It kept me reading on and on. Though some elaborations on the writing process could be a little bit boring, BUT I found it interesting how the author wrote about the whole journey of writing a book would be to the readers. This includes the muse, inspiration, thought process, development of characters and how a character is being built, change of plans, etc. I learnt a lot from this book.

The part I enjoyed the most was the erotic scenes. Well, don’t get me wrong, okay. In my opinion, it was really well written, though I haven’t read many books with such scenes but this book really nailed it. It wasn’t just about sex, sex and sex, but it was about feelings and emotions and the author knows exactly what she is doing. Because I’ve heard some of my friends, who have read books with erotic scenes, that those books could be just about sex again and again. That could be a disaster.

I think the conflicts inserted in the plots were appropriate and somewhat needed. This book ending on a note that I sort of expected. I would be happy if there were stronger explanation on how that last incident happened and to tie the loose ends but again, with this book, I kinda accepted the things that occurred and move along with it, it makes reading smoother and more enjoyable that way.

This book also tries to highlight on feminism and some POC elements, which I think was a good effort. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and this could easily be one of the fastest book one could fly through.

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Sequel is coming out soon!

Ohhh, did I mention the sequel is coming out soon after this book is being published? Keep an eye on Second Endings II: Bright Phantoms!

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