October 2019 Big Bad Wolf Book Haul: I Went A Tad Bit Crazy

Awoooooo hello book shoppers! Welcome to the very first book haul post on this blog. So, in October, Big Bad Wolf (BBW) decided to visit Melaka after a very long while. The last time I went to Big Bad Wolf in Melaka was in 2015. Then, I think they visited Melaka again couple of years after that and now they are back again. So BBW visited Melaka maybe about 2 years once (?)

For those who don’t know what Big Bad Wolf is. It is a book sale that offers books at amazing discounts ā€” as high as 95%! ā€” with the mission to cultivate reading habits around the world and to build a new generation of readers by making books more affordable and accessible to everyone. (source: Big Bad Wolf website)

Before I share with you my ultimate haul, let me review BBW Melaka 2019 book sale first. Overall, I felt that this time around, it lacked of recent books. Compared to the ones held in KL, BBW in Melaka this time around didn’t provide us with latest books. Mostly were unpopular titles that I never heard of, though they were some popular ones that I found such as I Was Born For This by Alice Osman and Mirror, Mirror by Cara Delevigne. Paper Town by John Green and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell were also available, but these are more backdated and most of the readers, including me already own them.

However, the kids section was so extra. There were tons of choices and books to select from for kids of all ages. To me, that was something nice to see. I also spotted lots reference books and there were also local books, as in Malay books, which again, I think is great for the local publishing industry. The readers would now have a chance to get to know many great local titles and support the local publishing industry.

I bought a total of 19 books that costs me RM122 and vouchers that my family members won from the BBW photo contest. Usually a book would cost me around RM40, so take RM40 times with 19, I know right… And some of them are hardcovers, so double I KNOW RIGHT…. Out of 19, 2 of them are adult colouring books, 2 are children books and the rest, which is 15 of them are fiction books. Below I’ve attached the photos of my haul (because I’m lazy to type out all the titles and people are generally more attracted to pictures, so you’re welcome!)

Children books, I feel that the pop-up book was a definite steal. I wish to buy more ugh.
Hello, I’ve been wanting these two books since forever but they were super expensive, and in BBW, they were only RM 12 each, like whut?!
This stack right here is so gorgeous but honestly, I don’t have enough space for all these lmao. They are currently on my bed. Yes, I’ve been sleeping with books for good few days now.

That’s all for now! BBW Melaka 2019 is ongoing at this moment, until 20th of October 2019, so do drop by if you’re in town or somewhere nearby, you might get a book or two of your favourite book/s at a very cheap price!

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