Bookurve: An Online Bookstore || I Finally Got a Book On a Website Again!

Hey guys, welcome to another not-a-book-review blog post. So, about last week or so, the co-founder of Bookurve contacted me to review their website and gave me some credits to purchase a book from Bookurve so that I could actually experience their service. This might be like a sponsored kinda blog post (wow, I sound like a famous booktuber. Yeah, dream on Jessica). Basically this is going to be me introducing this online bookstore to you and telling you why I hardly purchase books from websites (It’s under one of the points, so pay close attention). Actually, this is only my second time buying books on a website, and it is like after years from my first one.

What is Bookurve? It’s an online bookstore that is based in Malaysia and it has been operating for about 7 years. Bookurve offers some great deals and some of their books are actually way cheaper from the ones sold in bookstores and other available online bookstores. It offers sales, great deals and discount on most of their books.

What else it has to offer? What I like the most about Bookurve are the cash back system and also the FREE SHIPPING with purchase that only costs RM25 and above. So, if you buy 1 book, you’ll get 10 points that could be converted to RM1, if you buy 2 books, you’ll get 30 points and with 3 books, you could get 80 points, which means you could turn it to RM8! Then, you can get more books with the points or save some cash on your next purchase. About the free shipping, most of the times, one will have to buy about RM100 worth of books, only then, the free shipping is applied, but with Bookurve, you only need to buy RM25 worth of book/s! If that’s not a steal, Idk what is. They also claim to charge a small amount of shipping fees to Sabah and Sarawak. I mean… We all know how expensive shipping fees to Sabah, Sarawak is. :’)

Where does Bookurve ship to? Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Let’s hope they would expand their business to more countries some day!

What I think of the website? The website has a great design. Everything is laid out perfectly. The weird thing is the website sort of making me wanted to shop more on Bookurve, which could be dangerous. Oh, I love the little conveyor belt thing with books on top of it whenever the website is loading. All these tiny details is what attracts me the most apparently.

Try open Bookurve and see this image moving when it’s loading. πŸ™‚

The website is also user-friendly, not difficult to use at all, it categorizes the books not only according to the languages (Malay, Chinese, and English), it also divides them further according to specific genres. That makes searching for your preferred books so much easier.

What I think of their service? The people in charge is very friendly, they gave quick, immediate replies on Instagram and very helpful. The book arrived within a couple of days, but mind you, the delivery period varied, some might take longer and it is stated on the website (see that turquoise box?) when you want to purchase the book. Mine just happened to be quicker.

What do I think of the book itself? So here comes the main reason why I hardly purchase books online or on websites. Because I need to see with own eyes the book that I am going to buy. I like to feel it and to see myself whether the book is in a great condition before buying it. I am always scared of defects or late delivery, etc. My first experience was with another online bookstore, which was a pleasure. But even after that great experience, I still choose to go to bookstores and hunt for books. So, when I received my parcel from Bookurve, I was glad that the book was wrapped with a thick layer of bubble wrapper and it was still wrapped in a plastic wrapper as well. When I opened the wrappers, the condition of the book was perfectly brand new, there was no defect at all. I’m satisfied. It shows how much care they have put in the packaging.

So, this was the book I got from their website and I really wanted it for a long time. It was on sale, so I got this for RM19. Mind you, it’s a hardback!

So, I’d totally recommend you to visit Bookurve and help yourself with a book or two. I mean go get them books with great deals and earn yourself some cash back and enjoy the free shipping!

That’s it for this post, see you on my next one!


6 thoughts on “Bookurve: An Online Bookstore || I Finally Got a Book On a Website Again!

  1. This is really well written Jess!! Love it and I really enjoyed reading this post!! 😍😍😍 I have to write mine soon and honestly I’m dreading it hopefully I’ll get to write it as decent as you did!!

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