October Wrap Up: Not Bad For a Slow Reader

Hello, it’s going to be the 8th of November here in Malaysia, but I am determined to post this wrap up because I’m proud of myself. So, last month, I actually had an ample time as I was waiting for my posting to school. I had the whole month to myself and I dedicated it to, yes you guess it right, READING!

I read 12 books in October. It’s considered a lot for me. So, I’m proud of myself, okay? Here we go, I present you my October wrap up! Also, you could click on the book covers for full review!

I managed to read 2 graphic novels this month and surprisingly, they are both memoirs.

I sort of regretted for not finishing the actual novel before getting to this graphic novel. I felt like this GN is definitely a more diluted version of the actual novel, based on the first half of the novel that I actually managed to read years before.
3.5/5 star
This read was so unplanned and I had a great time reading this beauty. Plus, this book is borrowed from my national library through the Libby app and it was such a cool first experience!
4/5 star

Next, I read 3 e-books from the Netgalley, and one of them was for a blog tour that I joined.

This is a retelling of 12 Dancing Princesses and overall, I enjoyed reading the story and loved the sisterhood between the sisters. However, this book carries a dark vibe, so prepare yourself well before dive into this one.
4/5 star
I was excited about this one until I read it. It is set in Singapore but mostly about white people who lived in Singapore. I appreciate the setting, but the plot and the focus of the book, uhm.. not so much.
3/5 star
This was the book which the review I posted for a blog tour. It was a really fun middle grade read. It tells so much about the faiths and beliefs of the Chinese and very much magical!
5/5 star

I read 6 paperbacks in total, 3 were ARCs and another 3 were by Malaysian authors!

This book was a total game changer. I thought I was over YA, but obviously, I’m not over it yet. Love this heart-wrenching story, the depiction of the physical scars and emotions was so good!
5/5 star
I love the fact that the author is such a good storyteller and everything about this book was so convincing and I love the sisterhood and that pinch of magic included in this book.
5/5 star
I felt I was tricked by the blurb of this one. Didn’t find it as interesting as I thought it would be but it was an easy and light read indeed.
3.5/5 star
Again, I shouldn’t be excited about books because this one was nothing like what I expected it to be but it has a very good base and concept. For that, I appreciate it. All Malaysians should go read this book, by the way.
3.5/5 star
This is my top favourite book of my whole life! This story tells about Malaya and focusing on Baba Nyonya cultures. CHECK IT OUT!
infinity/5 star
After the great first book (The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds), this sequel fell a bit flat for me. I wished I could love it more. :’)
3.5/5 star

That’s it for last month! What are some of your favourite reads from October?

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