Worst Books I Read in 2019

Note: There’s no explanation to this delay, it’s just me being lazy as usual. But I thought I really wanted to bring you my worst and best reads (coming up soon) in 2019, so here you go.

Also, before diving into my very short list of worst books I read in 2019, I wanted to say that doesn’t mean when I dislike a book, you’d dislike it too. Many have enjoyed the books I don’t and vice versa. So, no offense if I am disliking your favourite book, we are entitled of our opinions. Cheers!

1. Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak
I’ve heard so many great things about The Book Thief which I still haven’t read until today. But Bridge of Clay had been a really thicc book and the story at times could be confusing and the writing style isn’t meant for me. Despite that, I do believe the story carries important messages. It was mostly on me for not being able to get into the story.

2. Nikina by Nadia Khan
This is a book by a Malaysian writer (shoutout to my home girl! I love her as a person, she was so sweet) and lots of people adore it. It was a huge miss for me sadly. I love Gantung and Gantung 2 by the same writer but this one was just ridiculously unnecessary. It lacks of depth, the disability that the author tried to highlight on flops so badly. It was not well researched in my opinion. The romance part of it uhmmm… The characters were no good too. It was mostly just bad when I read it.

3. Singapore Sapphire by A.M. Stuart
When I saw Singapore, I was like I gotta read this book. But the disappointment came in so fast when I realised this is a book about murder mystery and the main characters are white. The Asians only serve as servants and their voice were insignificant as the highlight is on the white characters. It is true that back then, Asians were more of low class people in Singapore but they could have stood out in the book if they are given more roles and personality. Singapore is just used as the setting and nothing more than that. Luckily the plot was somehow okay for me, but still it was a huge let down.

4. Daylight Dialogues by Charissa Ong
It was tragic that this was the last book I finished in 2019. I don’t have anything nice to say about this one, you may click HERE for full review. Maybe to sum up, the poems didn’t speak to me and the short stories were all over the place and uhm, too many short poems (2 to 4 lines), which could potentially be my tweets.

I hope you like this post and I’ll see you on the next post where I talk about my favourite reads in 2019!

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