Lullaby of the Universe Made Me Want To Read Poems Again || A Book Review

Lullaby of the Universe

Author: Anastasia Bell

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

Released: February 1st, 2019

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 68

Format: Paperback

Lullaby of the Universe is a collection of thought-invoking poems, digging deep into the human conscience of pain and the self-realisations of sentient dreams. These are stories of stargazing and the journey between birth and destruction.

Source: Goodreads

Story time

After the last poetry book I read in 2019, I thought I was done with poetry and I didn’t wanna get involved into reading poems ever again. But I was approached by a friend of mine, Anastasia. Her poetry book was published in 2019 and I saw many other bookstagrammer friends received a copy as well in exchanged for an honest review.

I was scared of reviewing a poetry book again when she asked me to review hers. It was mostly because she’s a friend and it’s hard to leave a negative review if the book turns out not to be my liking, but Anastasia didn’t know this (now she will, after reading this review). However, I then saw some of her poems being shared by other bookstagrammers, I first saw the length of it and then the poem itself, I was thinking, “This is rather different” and so I said yes, I’d love to review her book and the rest is history.

Now, let’s get into the review

Note: Just because the poet is my friend, this is definitely not a biased review. My opinions on this book may be subjective and everyone’s thoughts differ from one another.

These days, poems seem to be overrated. They are mostly like Facebook statuses and tweets on Twitter. Some of my book reviewer friends do agree with me on this as well. So, I’m really glad that Lullaby of the Universe is not the case. It made me think, it made me squeeze my brain cells to decipher the meaning behind the words, and STANZAS, like actual STANZAS. I was so happy when I got the book. The only thing came out of my mouth was, “THIS IS AN ACTUAL POETRY BOOK WITH ACTUAL POEMS AND STANZAS AND RHYMES!” It was enough said that I would surely enjoy this book.

The poet’s writing style is very unique and the themes are very focused. The book is divided into 2 parts and most of the poems are rather dark for me. As I was reading the poems, they brought out the tone of despair and there are also some poems that highlight on suicide, negligence of the young ones or individuals, death and being alone (I might be wrong, cause I’m not good with poems). However, there are also poems that highlight on hope, love and many of them are about writing and becoming a poet. So, there’s a good balance throughout the book, which I really appreciate.

This collection of poems showcases a lot of the poet’s personality and her own unique identity in her works. I’m really glad that I got to read these poems. It made me want to read poems again and to study them. Because for me, poems are not meant to be shallow, it is meant to have depth and for us to ponder on. Basically that’s what Lullaby of the Universe has done to me.

Some of my favourite poems are:

  1. Mars
  2. Alien
  3. UFO
  4. Gravity
  5. Undeniable C(affeine)hemistry
  6. Finding Alaska
  7. Relinquished: The Epilogue

If you wish to get a copy of Lullaby of the Universe by Anastasia Bell, you may click the links down below. To Malaysians, you may visit your nearest bookstores to purchase it as well.

Amazon || Book Depository || Barnes & Noble

3 thoughts on “Lullaby of the Universe Made Me Want To Read Poems Again || A Book Review

  1. Same! Though I do enjoy poetry, I’m not really good at deciphering and analyzing the poems I read. But then again, whenever I read them something always manage to tug at my heart and I like that feeling! I agree with your thought on today’s poetry style. I can’t find myself to enjoy reading them.

    I’ve been interested in this book ever since I saw you posted about it on Twitter. The cover’s eye-catching too! Anything with ‘universe’ in the title will always have my attention x) Thank you for your review! I definitely will give this a chance.


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