Becoming a Polygamist Reader || A Guide

Above is a question that a lot of other readers ALWAYS ask. So how do we read so many books at one go? Like don’t we get confused with the characters and story line, etc? So, I’m gonna drop some tips on how we polygamist readers do it and survive our reading career.

1. Read different genres

How to make sure you are not confused with the content of the books you are reading at the same time? Select books with different genres. For example, I’d always go with Historical Fiction / Asian Lit, Non-Fiction / Self-Help, Middle Grade / Children, Poetry, Audiobook and YA Contemporary/ Fantasy. All of these can be read together (at different timing but simultaneously), yes and one will never get confused.

ps: Let me clarify one thing real quick. Before you assume polygamist readers open all 5 books at the same time and read them all together at the same moment. You might be delusional. Of course we read them at different time, for instance, in the span of one week, I could be reading 5 books.

Guys, this is kinda ridiculous you see?

2. Pick different tropes or subject matters

Let’s say you are in the mood for ONLY contemporaries. Be smart and pick your books carefully. You don’t want to end up reading 5 books with Asian American protagonists who are under pressure because of their parents. Who will not get confused? What you want to do is pick books that have different tropes and topics, such as feminism, lgbtq+, mental health, etc. Just make sure they are all quite distinct in terms of subject matters.

3. Length of the books

This is optional but you can choose more shorter books rather than longer ones when you are reading multiple books. When you read many books at one go, you are not able to finish them as quick as you want to. This is because you need to read a bit of this book and a bit of that book, so it gets frustrating when you can’t finish up books in weeks. So what I do is I pick books that have roughly 200-300 pages. Sometimes, I go up to over 400 pages but never 500 (it’s too long, gawd). Then, I am able to finish up those books in shorter time instead of months.

Now you get the idea why polygamist readers take longer time to finish up books. However, once they are nearing the ending of the books, they’ll finish up more books in one or two days.

4. Set time to read each book or rotate them as you read

Set time as in you could read 50 pages of Book 1 in the morning, Book 2 in the afternoon and Book 3 at night. I personally don’t set time to read because I’m not that type of person who sets time for ANYTHING. The thing is I have short attention span so changing my current reads from time to time helps me to keep reading. Sometimes, it’s not that the book is not good, it’s just that I get distracted rather fast. Hence, I need variety in my life. Also, when the subject matter in certain book gets heavy, I need something light to move on or else I might fall into reading slump and stop reading altogether.

5. Buddy reading

This has been proven effective all the freaking time, at least for me. But you must find the right reading partner, preferably one who is NOT polygamist reader. Because they will focus on that one book only and you will have to keep up and finish the book with your partner, hence you’re able to be on track with the books you’re reading. Well, if you buddy read with another polygamist reader, I’m afraid Tips no. 5 won’t work that well, unless you guys set a schedule for it.

That’s it for this post, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy creating it! Some of my tips from this post are inspired from @beardbetweenthelines on bookstagram. So you might wanna visit his account for some different tips and see what works best for you!

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