Lullaby of The Universe by Anastasia Bell || Author Q&A

Hi there! Welcome back to another author Q&A and this time, I’m excited because I got to interview a writer who write POEMS! If you don’t know me, I’m not a poem person. Many times, modern poetry is not my cuppa tea. But Lullaby of the Universe really captured my heart. If you’re interested, click the book cover below for the full review.

Now, let’s get into the interview!

Q: What is your biggest inspiration in writing this book?

A: The fire kindled from that particular night in the hospital. Rousing from the feeling of helplessness when I couldn’t alleviate the pain for I’m not a pain killer, not a nurse, and not a wizard, but the only thing I could do was to use the pain and transform it into words, and to my regret, I couldn’t complete this book on time for her. But my love for her (her late grandmother) and the stars is still enormous and knowing that she’s part of the universe for we are all made of stars, I continued to write.

Q: How long did it take for you to write and publish Lullaby of the Universe? What do you feel about the process of coming out with this book?

A: About a year, if you remove the repose period. Since it’s my first book and as a beginner in general, I have learnt a great deal including my mistakes. It wasn’t easy because no one around me really reads and the book industry is a rather raw topic. Thus, I couldn’t seek required guidance from family and friends.

Q: What are the core themes of this poetry collection? Why did you choose to highlight these themes?

A: Love. Not just love in your other half, but love as a whole. You have love in family, love in friendship, love in nature, love in passion, love in dreams; the world is a better place to live with love. Without these, everything around us seems monotonous. I would rather live a life painfully rather than dully.

Q: What are the thought processes involved in writing a poem?

A: To me, there is no definite process involved in writing a poem. Once, I woke up from my slumber at 5 in the morning. I came across a photo on my Instagram feed when I was scrolling and something just hit me. Then, I began writing a poem. In my mind that moment, I was imagining myself running away without really knowing why. Maybe that photo conjured a feeling so foreign to me but so real at the same time that I wanted to capture it by words. It doesn’t necessarily have to be written from something happened from the past, the pain I have experienced, the love I lost, the friendship I burnt, it can also come from my unascertained desires and imaginations.

Q: Can you describe your book in 3 words?

A: We are stardusts.

Q: Are you planning to publish more poetry collection in future or do you have any other works in process?

A: Yes, currently I am completing my poetry manuscript which is targeted to be published next year (2021) since this year is a rough year for everyone.

Q: Do you have any message to all of the readers who have read Lullaby of the Universe?

A: Don’t be afraid of pain and uncertainty. That’s what makes us human, no? Embrace your journey, enjoy your ride and last but not least never stop dreaming.

About the author

A dreamer, infused with coffees and literatures, indulging through films and music. Physically in Kuala Lumpur but mentally in Neverland. Driven by none other than Sylvia Plath and Tolkien, dreaming to be another all-star.

Always calm with road trips, eager for another destination.

Anastasia, the Fantasia.

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