Ranking All the Buku FIXI I’ve Read

Hey there fam! So, I’ve been planning to do this post right after I read Sumpah. I know that there so many FIXI books that I have yet to explore but I’ve read some and I think why not rank them? This will be a quick fun post. I hope you like it!

But before I start, I’d like to say that FIXI book have always been a hit or huge miss for me. In the end of the day, it all comes back to personal preferences, we all can agree to disagree. Okay, I’ll be ranking from the book I like the most to the book that I feel paling meh~, kalau nak tahu buku apa yang paling meh, scroll sampai habis post ni, thanks!

4-5 star rating

1. Gantung & Gantung 2 oleh Nadia Khan

Buku FIXI yang first aku pernah baca, hooked gila! Writing style, the vibes, characters semua mantap habis. Walaupun aku dah lupa banyak details dalam dua buku ni, tapi aku sangat sure these 2 books are my top FIXI favs. I still remember the thrill of reading them and 2 buku ni lah yang membuatkan aku have faith with local books again.

2. Sumpah oleh Shaz Johar

Buku ni aku baru je baca dan sumpah best! I think it is one of the FIXI title yang bold and discussing on important issue like child marriage. Penulisan author pun sedap dibaca. Most importantly, it’s not a boring book because buku ni mengajak pembaca berfikir, bertanya dan berdiskusi. For full review, can click HERE.

3. Kacau oleh Ariff Adly

KACAU by Ariff Adly

Kacau was highly recommended by FIXI fans and memang tak mengecewakan for me. It was spooky and meremang bulu roma baca tengah malam. The ulek mayang element was such a plus point! For full review, click HERE.

4. Pesona oleh Arif Zulkifli
A book that reminds me a lot of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but with it’s own twist. Bahasa pun best and world building is pretty solid for a short book. For full review, can click HERE.

3-3.5 star

5. Psikik oleh Husna Rosli

PSIKIK by Husna Rosli

A YA dystopian book. Mengetengahkan feminism sebagai tema utama. A solid book with pretty good world building, though I did have some questions here and there regarding the world building and the romance part in this book was quite cringey for me. Other than that, this book was worth a try. For full review, click HERE.

6. Aku oleh Shaz Johar
The first Malay fiction book yang aku baca yang membahaskan isu lgbt. The main characters are gay but tbh, aku rasa agak janggal sikit hubungan antara the main characters, maybe because of the age gap. It was a refreshing read indeed. For full review, click HERE.

7. Entiti oleh Syafiq Aizat
Aku sempat pinjam buku Entiti dengan kawan aku. It was a short sweet read. Ala-ala cerita anime main card dulu, tu la konsep buku Entiti. The so called “Ensiklopedia” didn’t excite me or intriguing. Mostly, aku skip je part tu, tapi hantu-hantu yang keluar dalam buku ni menarik la. It was a good read. For full review, click HERE.

1-2.5 star

8. Nikina oleh Nadia Khan

NIKINA by Nadia Khan

Disebabkan aku sangat suka akan Gantung duologies, this was a huge let down. I knew before I got this book, this was a romance book. A love story, which I was like okay, I can handle that. It’s not like I never read love stories before and I actually love them. But what let me down was what happened after the plot twist, everything went back to normal within 5 secs. The plot line was uneventful too. I think the author didn’t do justice to the disability she’s highlighting which is very very sad. For full review, click HERE.

9. Penumpang oleh Fee Anyau
One of the book that I actually loveeeed when I first started reading it. The vibes and everything else about this story was spot on and definitely my cuppa tea, but sadly the second half was chaotic af. It felt like the author was merely rushing through the story and just desperate to get an ending for the story. It ended up pretty badly, many things were poorly executed. For full review, click HERE.

10. Hero oleh Zakri Rahman

One of the most ridiculous book I’ve read in my life. I felt like I wasted my time reading this pointless story. For full review, click HERE.

That’s all I have for this post, until I see on the next post! What do you think of this ranking? Agree? Disagree? Let me know your top 3 Buku FIXI in the comment section!


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