Worst Books I Read in 2020

Hey guys, happy new year! I hope you guys are doing great in 2021 so far. Here is my long awaited worst books read last year, in 2020. This is purely based on my humble opinion, I know some readers enjoy reading these books, so no hate. They’re just not for me based on few reasons. Let’s go!

1. Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan
So, I got this book for review purposes and I dnf-ed it because I just didn’t see myself enjoying the story. I was holding on to it up till page 60 and I was like, “I’m done.” The characters are so rich that I don’t give a damn about them. The story line is just meh. I don’t see any significant, Kevin Kwan was basically throwing all the typical Asian tropes here and there throughout the 60 pages, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I did check the last few pages to confirm that the book is going to end as I expected it to be and it does end exactly like what I thought it would be. That was that. Click HERE for my brief review if you’re interested to know my further thoughts. Also, I did not shelf this book as read nor did I rate it cause to be fair, I didn’t finish the book.

2. Poemsia by Lang Leav
The thing about this book is that it’s very cliche and unrealistic at some point. I do realise that now most artists or writers get famous due to the power of getting viral online, but this story is just so meh (?) in my opinion. The characters are so common, just like any other characters in YA books. Hence, I’d say the sole reason I didn’t like this book is because it’s not meant for me. It could be a great book to many teens and YA readers but I guess I’ve mostly moved on from my YA phase that this book didn’t seem to speak to me anymore. So, if you love this book, I’m happy for you and I think if I were to read this book when I was 19 or 20, I’d probably love it a lot too. HERE is my brief review of Poemsia.

3. Penumpang by Fee Anyau
This is one of the local books published in Malaysia I read last year. It was free on Google Books and it is one of the winners of Sayembara FIXI 2017/18, where many writers submit their manuscript and top 6 were chosen and got the opportunity to be published under the publisher. I love the vibes of the first half of the book, I think the author has done a perfect job capturing all the moments and feelings, it’s melancholy, it’s THE perfect book for me until I reached the second half of the book. It was a train-wrecked, the tone started to get different, it seems like the author was pushing it through, trying to end the story as logical as possible but a lot of things aren’t explained well. It was chaotic and confusing. Mostly didn’t make sense to me. It was a shame, I’d have rated it 4 star instead of 2.5 if it was edited and revised more thoroughly. HERE is my full review of the book.

4. Colours and Tears by Nay Universe
I think the author of this poetry book gave free access to her book due to pandemic last year and I got the chance to read it. She’s a mutual of mine and I respect her so so much for successfully publishing her own poetry book. But this book was just poorly edited and there were errors here and there. Some of the poems are actually quite good and there are some pretty great themes addressed in this collection as well. Last I noticed the writer did go through her book and seemed to edit it all over again, I hope the newer edition will be better. Click HERE for my full review.

5. Hero by Zakri Rahman
We save the best for the last right? I rated this book 1 star because it was just way too ridiculous. It was just so bad that I could’t stop ranting about it after I read it. I was having a bad migraine after reading the entire book. I have no idea how this book could become one of the winner of FIXI Sayembara 2017/18. But of course, I had a good laugh at some scenes that are simply insane and just didn’t make sense to me. I talked to a friend about this book and she claimed that this book is meant to be ridiculous as in the author has done it purposely but even if that’s the case, I still think the execution is simply a failure for me. I saw many enjoyed it on Goodreads and people had fun reading it but it is not for me. Period. Click HERE for my full review.

So, there you go, my 5 worst reads in 2020 and I’ll see you in my #2020bestnine post soon!

What are some of your worst reads in 2020?

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