Lucca Vudor Sent A Book Reviewer A Pair of Shoes??

Hello, my fellow book bloggers and blog readers.

I’m back! It’s been so long since my last post. I’m barely here but I’m actually writing a post today and surprisingly, it’s about a pair of shoes!

So, recently, I received an email from Lucca Vudor and I was like ooooh, what could this be?

I was confused at first to be honest, but when I check their website. Firstly, it’s legit (of course I gotta make sure of this first) and guys, their shoes are pretty, like PRETTY pretty! Honestly, I would have bought any shoes on their store because the designs are amazing and what more they look so comfy! To make it short, I sent them some of the shoes I would love to receive. And they shipped them from Singapore to Malaysia in less than a week and this pair of shoes is gorgeous!

This beauty is called Felina Brown Flats. It’s from their latest 2022 footwear collection and it’s in the colour code brown. If you’re interested, just click HERE. First thing first, they are kinda heavy but I like that because in that way, it feels firm. The colour is beautiful and it’s made of leather material. Also, do you know that, it has the Lucca Vudor Pressure Relieving Sole? That is what made this pair of shoes my absolute favourite now, because it’s surely my kind of comfort shoes. I’m obsessed and even my mum goes like, “Can you get me a pair too?” But I just need to remind you that it could be a bit pricey (at least for me) but I think overall, it is very worth it. Highly recommended, go check out Lucca Vudor and have fun shopping for your Raya shoes or just to treat yourself, you can thank me later!

Lucca Vudor Website

I can’t wait to actually wear this shoes to places,

but now to the backyard we go!

That’s all for this post, till I see you again next time!


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